Winter weather can get the best of anyone. Very few people are wired for the cold. Fewer still know everything they need to fully prepare for it.

There are things we all can do to keep warm inside and outside of our homes. There are ways to travel safely – or avoid travel altogether, when the Midwest’s winter sky decides to do its worst. And there are also insurance coverages that could prove surprisingly beneficial to you during the wintertime!


Homeowners Coverage for Winter Weather

Iowa’s snowfall may not be as heavy as you would find in many other parts of the country, but we still get our fair share here. Blizzards are not out of the question – and we all know they can wreak havoc on our roads. When you consider what winter weather can do, you may also want to consider what you can do to prevent its worst outcome.

When you purchase a homeowners insurance policy, it is crucial to determine whether it’s sufficient to cover any damage your house may incur during a blizzard or other disastrous winter weather event. A standard homeowners policy may not provide enough coverage to fully protect your home and personal property. Purchasing additional coverage is advisable when you may encounter a blizzard or two every year. Additional coverage for winter weather can go into effect when heavy wind, fallen trees or freezing temperatures damage a home’s roofing or plumbing.


Farm Insurance for Winter Weather

Farm insurance typically protects farmers from losses that may result from weather events, natural disasters or other accidents. In addition to crop insurance, which reimburses farmers for damage to their crops, livestock insurance is also available. This type of policy covers losses related to the death or injury of livestock, as well as damage or destruction of barns, fencing and other farm structures.

While some aspects of farming may not be endangered by winter weather, there is still a lot of good a farmers insurance policy can do to protect farms during the coldest months. Some policies cover structures on the farm which could take damage in a blizzard, such as barns and sheds. There’s also farming equipment to consider, as well as personal property which may be covered by a farmer’s policy.

Farm and ranch insurance is a type of property coverage which protects agricultural properties from losses as a result of perils such as tornadoes, fires, windstorms, hail, theft and vandalism. It can also provide liability coverage in the event that someone is injured on the property, which is certainly possible when things ice over.

When it comes to winter weather insurance, don’t get left out in the cold. If you are a property owner, renter or farmer living in Iowa, then we welcome you to contact the Hoffman Agency today. Together we will make certain that winter weather won’t put your life on ice.