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The Hoffman Agency is dedicated to protecting everything held dear by homeowners in the greater Mapleton and Sioux City, Iowa area. We provide many options for our clients to protect their businesses, automobiles, farms and homes.

The home is typically the hub of life, especially family life. It’s the place where you keep all of your cherished belongings and is your retreat from the world after a long day at work. Your home is likely one of the most valuable things you will ever possess, but it is far more than just another personal effect. At our insurance agency, we will protect your home and valuable assets with our homeowner’s insurance coverage options.

Homeowners Insurance Mapleton Iowa

Homeowners Insurance for Mapleton, IA And the Surrounding Area

Even homes that are well cared for are vulnerable to any number of unforeseeable misfortunes. Some may include damage caused by flooding, wind, hail, fire, theft and vandalism. A homeowners insurance policy is not necessarily all-encompassing against the losses that a policyholder might incur. When you work with Hoffman Agency, we’ll help you identify which types of risks your home and household are most prone to. From there we will build a policy that covers what you need to protect, but doesn’t make you pay for unnecessary coverage. Plus, we’ll be here to assist you through the claims process when the unthinkable happens.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Typically Cover?

Coverage for Your Structure

In its most basic form, home insurance provides protection against the most common types of damage that can affect your home. That may include lightning, fire, hail and theft. Coverage can also be extended to cover losses caused by perils including falling objects, the weight of accumulated snow on the roof or sudden electrical discharge. The most comprehensive policy can even provide protection against misfortunes such as insect infestation, settling of the foundation, and government action.

Personal Belongings Coverage

Your home is filled with personal items belonging to your family. Your personal belongings include clothing, furniture, personal possessions, sports equipment, heirlooms and more. Under this policy, if any of these things are stolen or destroyed in a fire, hurricane, earthquake or other insured disaster, you are typically covered for 50-70 percent of the insurance on your structure. Regularly updating information on your belongings is important in determining how much coverage you need.

Liability Protection

Property damage or bodily injury that you, a family member or pet cause to others are covered with liability protection. The liability protection policy may pay the costs of defending yourself in court and any court ordered payments, up to the coverage limit in the policy.

Living Expenses

If an insured disaster pushes you to evacuate your home, such insurance will cover your living costs until you can restore or rebuild your home, including motel and meal costs that exceed your everyday living expenses.

Which area is not protected by most homeowners insurance?

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